Kids Triathlon & Relay

Category 1 (Ages 6-10):

  .09K (.05 mile)   SWIM
4.80K (3.00 mile)   BIKE
.80K (.50 mile)   RUN

Category 2 (Ages 11-15):

.18K (.10 mile)   SWIM
9.60K (6.00 mile)   BIKE
1.60K (1.00 mile)   RUN

Kid's Triathlon Relay:

There must be a minimum of 2 participants, maximum of 3. All team members must fall in the same category level based on age. Same distances sbove apply for each category.


Check-in: 3:00 - 5:00 PM CST

Transition Area: Closes at 5:10 PM CST

Race Start: 5:30 PM CST

Mandatory Pre-Race Meeting: Held in the registration area 20 minutes before race start.  All participants must be present.

Awards will be given to the top 3 boys and girls in each age category after the race in the registration area.   See last years results for age groups.

 **Please take time to review the rules before race day.  See Regulations page.

Adult Triathlon, Duathlon & Relay

Triathlon & Relay Distances:

  .75K (.50 mile)   SWIM
20.10K (12.50 mile)   BIKE
4.70K (2.93 mile)   RUN

** Should weather not permit swimming the swim will be become a beach run (like in the duathlon)

Water Temp will be posted on this website each day the week of the race. 

Duathlon Distances:

1.60 (1.00 mile)   BEACH RUN
20.10K (12.50 mile)   BIKE
4.70K (2.93 mile)   RUN

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Washington Park is located in Michigan City, Indiana on Lake Michigan's Sourthern most shore.  It is less than an hour away from Chicago which is easily reached via the South Shore Railroad as well as I-94 and the Indiana toll road.  Due to problems with GPS, Mapquest, internet maps, etc. Please use the following directions.

Coming East from Chicago Area:

  • Take US HWY I-94 East and exite at 34B in Michigan CIty, IN
  • Go North on HWY 421/ Franklin Street
  • Follow Franklin Street approximately 4 miles to 4th Street
  • Turn right and go 1 block to Pine Street and turn left
  • Follow Pine Street through the stoplight that is one block away
  • Follow the road as it veers right across the bridge into Washington Park

Coming West from Michigan:
  •  Take US HWY i-94 West and exit at 40B in Michigan CIty
  • That is HWY 35 North and Michigan BLVD
  • Follow Michigan BLVD 5 miles to US HWY 12 and turn left
  • HWY 12 is at a stop light
  • Follow HWY 12 for 1 block to Pine Street and turn right
  • Follow the road as it veers right across the bridge into Washington Park

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